Inner fender delete baron slip on exhaust red LED under lighting tail lip...


Inner fender delete, baron slip on exhaust, red LED under lighting/tail lip/blacked out all exhaust/silver accents/LED headlight kit/headlight film/vinyl wrapped the tank

8 hours of work yesterday, about $400... Do the work yourselves guys.. You'll have alot more respect and pride for your bike.

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  • Looks good. Different laws in Oz so i cant do any of this but i do have fender elimination kit with led lights.

  • I can't do vertical plate mount here in Arizona.

  • Seriously?

  • Well not supposed to but I see them everywhere. I just don't like giving "the man" a reason to talk to me.

  • New Mexico is the same I guess... But... #RideFree

  • I'm in Newcastle NSW can you show me led headlight plz

  • Don't need turn signals though

  • That's hot.

  • Sweet. I'm going to cover up my nitrogen shock assist canisters,probably black. The brass look kind of stands out. Or maybe a graphics sticker to wrap around 'em

  • George M. Aguilar

  • Lora Wood Anderson that looks nice... I haven't had any issues with my vertical plate in AZ.

  • No photo as yet but will post one when i get home Kaos.

  • More pics from tonight

  • Headlight film

  • All blacked out.

  • George M. Aguilar he has the lights

  • looks tight...

  • Thanks

  • Its all hooked up and mirror blinkers on...just need to have a ride to see how Jonos 6 " extention kit on. Im still debating about licence plate position.

  • But can you have the plate where you have it with bags on?

  • Bags are gay

  • They might be gay but on long trips they come in handy. I keep my rain gear, gloves, bandanas, headphones and sunglasses in mine. That way I don't have to wear a book bag.

  • Yep i agree Marissa. I have them but I take them off for around town..but us girls gotta have our stuff..haha

  • I keep my tampons in my coat pocket tho

  • Bahahhaaaaa...

  • Never know when I'll get a bloody nose.

  • Haha oh my Lordy!