• Is any one running these Positives negative want to hear it all Thanks in...

    Is any one running these? Positives negative want to hear it all. Thanks in advance.

    • I have them. I like them I put my front ones backwards it pulls threw the mud way better when in 4x4

    • Maxxis zillas is a good tire I will prob get 30inch bighorns next the bighorns last forever and are an all around good tire

    • That's a pic I took at the dealers I've ordered mine last week should be in tomorrow or Monday with the same 14" rims..

    • I wish I would of went with the big horns

    • I had 27s and they did great! Wish they had better tread on the sidewall tho

    • I have 28"s on my Viking VI I didn't really think that I liked them at first but they do good in the mud and do ok on hard pack. They do seem to flex in turns making it feel a little loose (steering) but the ride is smooth and they wear really well IF you stay off of pavement! I would recommend them if cost is a factor when buying but if not I would recommend a different tire.

    • I had them and they performed great! And they are fairly inexpensive compared to others

    • I have them on my Viking they work great.

    • I ripped 2 side walls inside 100miles. Running ITP backwaters now 400miles no issues.

    • 30's