Is it bad when you have a lil bit of oil in your air filter


Is it bad when you have a lil bit of oil in your air filter?


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  • No humea

  • No nada

  • Engine is not fucked especially being new. Check the oil level, if it's high, it's just overflow. This is why a lot of racers run an overflow bottle or a Long hose.

  • is there oil sitting in the bottom of your air box or is the filter just saturated? They factory spray the filter heavy with oil.......

  • Its just the filter man. And I guess my friend said that that is just a special oil they spary on the filter so the dust stays there

  • You always wanna oil your filter but just lightly don't cake the thing

  • I got a 2017 an I do a lot of wheelies,, my filter was soaked wit oil they told me either too much oil r too long wheelies,,idk wher to get the the overflow bottle from tho

  • It's just blow by and u put To much oil in ur bike

  • You need Kevin Avina air box mod

  • Better pic

  • Instead of the overflowing oil going into your air filter it goes right back into your motor

  • Keith Van Lenten I tired to order one from him don't like the process tho

  • It was very easy for me. He just sent me an invoice on PayPal and I paid it. And then he shipped it

  • Keith Van Lenten lol well he ain't wanna pay pal talking bout take too long to get the money wanted my card number and stuff can't give that out like that bro but I need the bottle,,anywhere else I can get it??

  • I may be parting mine out

  • Keith Van Lenten let me kno I want it

  • He won't mess with your card number. He's a respected race crowd participant. He wouldn't loose all his business over one bottle cost.

  • Jacob Albaugh I understand but I don't give my card number to nobody bro

  • Austin Oatis. Pm you

  • Do the T-oil mod

  • Think Walsh makes one

  • And how's that?

  • ???

  • I can post mine later cause I did it a bit differently. I ran the hose down below the frame with no filter

  • There area few write ups on on this subject. A lot of people do the ltr breather box mod. I just prefer the T mod