Is it really okay to run the high beams all the time Not going to annoy others...


Is it really okay to run the high beams all the time? Not going to annoy others or get u a ticket?

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  • Do what you want, cops have no idea about them. I was pulled over for speeding on my last bike and they tried to point out a burned out headlight. It took me 5 minutes to get him to comprehend the difference between high and low. They don't care anyway.

  • I keep mine on all the time and I have HIDs, drivers might get annoyed but they will see me better so oh well lol

  • I leave it on high, better to be seen and alive!

  • I always ride with the high beam on during the day. If its darker out I turn back onto low.

  • Here in NC, USA they say burn high beams in day time but back to low at night like any other vehicle. It's all about visibility and high beam in day light is going to help. And I got that from a guy that teaches the safety class here.

  • Donnie Casstevens where at? I'm in Charlotte.

  • Well next time I'm in the area with the bike I'll look you up and we can hit a ride.

  • Keep them on at all times

  • always on for me

  • Illegal to run with high beam on, you will get nailed by doing it... Also illegal to run with front or rear fog lights on, you can get fined for that... not that a bike has fogs... At night if you have high beam on you could be responsible for blinding an on coming vehicle and causing an accident, there is a reason for high and low beams, you wouldnt like it if people were doing it to you, so dont do it to others,,