Is my front fender on backwards


Is my front fender on backwards????

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  • And it's a lot easier to swap it if you pull the wheel....

  • Yeah too tried to take off one bolt and it hit the tire so I figured it would be easier with out the wheel , damn it in going to have to bring it to the shop I don't have a bike jack

  • Yes

  • Chris - if you have some cheap lumber, you can make one....... Check it out here....

  • That does help thanks man

  • Looks like it

  • Yes

  • No no no it is wright. Check your cable holder attachment on side of finder

  • All right got it flipped has to borrow a bike lift but I got it

  • The short end goes to the front...

  • There is no speedo cable therefore no need for the cable holder you mentioned. That fender is definitely backwards. Long end to the rear. This is a common issue on Bolts. The set up guy wasn't paying attention.

  • Just a bolt enthusiastic. But long time honda owner. My 600 is like that. .thats why i panic

  • HAH! fucking mmi graduates.

  • yeah