Is there a big difference between the stock exhaust and the cobra slip on for...


Is there a big difference between the stock exhaust and the cobra slip-on for the 1300? Just wondering if it's worth the money.

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  • Good point mine is a deluxe as well

  • The Cobra slip on is amazing. Great investment considering the relatively nominal cost ($193 delivered via Amazon). You won't regret it.

    And yes, it will fit the Deluxe models.

  • For another hundred or so dollars you can get an actual exhaust system. I'd go with that

  • That's misleading, Michael. Changing the full pipe removes the O2 sensor in the 1300 and would require a fuel management processor to ensure proper air/fuel ratio and to prevent backfiring. It also reduces MPG.

    To me, that was a lot of $ for a questionable benefit.

  • Touche

  • So how much of a performance difference I there between cobra and drilled out stock? I am running HP aftermarket air filter and cobra PowerPro fm

  • Mine had the end cutoff the stock mufflers. Not too loud but nice rumble. You look in n see three baffle holes while the end is gone.

  • I drilled out my exhaust in my 1300 RSMV. Increase sound, no loss of power, can still hear the stereo, 4 1/2in holes both sides. Plenty cheap!

  • We have cover slip on very easy to install great deal for the money. Definite difference in the sound

  • What you put in for exhaust and having to have a power commander