Is there any other way to remove headstock races without using a special tool


Is there any other way to remove headstock races without using a special tool? There's no lip on the headstock to be able to drive anything into it.. Any suggestions would be good!

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  • I used a punch and hammer

  • Steel frames have cutaway. Some ally do

  • How brave are you and do you have a MIG? A few spots of weld on the inner face of a bearing will shrink them and pull them in enough for you to just be able to pull them out but I wouldn't grab the frame with the earth because then you might spotweld the bearing to the frame. You'd jut hold the earth against the inner face of the bearing on the other side and go round and give it about six good welds about 1cm long equally spaced and then you'll just pull it out. Or weld something to it to pull it out but just the act of welding on it will make it fall out. It might sound a bit radical but I've personally seen it done, even on really small bearings. Only do it if you're extremely confident in your accuracy of welding though. You certainly don't want to weld the bearing in there. They've usually got a knock out groove though, have you wiped it real clean and had a really good look?

  • I used a butain torch to heat up the race and a very wet rag to qwench it then knock it out from the other side. Doing it this way makes it brittle and easier to remove in piece's..

  • I'm without a welder unfortunately.. I'll put some comments into play, thanks guys.

  • Good luck dude. Remember! Wear your eye protection....

  • You'll be surprised what even a good heat gun will do. I've got a Ryobi that cranks up to 1200 degrees and the amount of bearings I've virtually made fall out of things is unbelievable. Mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas one year ans I couldn't think of much and said a heat gun and thought I'll probably never use that. Ben the most useful thing I've ever owned. Great for getting hoses over fittings, getting bearings out, stickers off, reshaping/ rejuvenating plastics. Drying wet Jocks and socks when you're desperate to go out, or have been out and what you ate/drank didn't agree with your guts. Drying your GF's/ your hair (admit it). Only use the super low settings burning hair doesn't look or smell nice. Good ones will have a throttle dial on the back from about 200~1200ºC, and a two speed fan. Kinda like a Powerglide lol.

  • Every rider, should have a heat gun. Especially Yammie can remove most white stress marks out of our blue plastic. Plus all the other things, like bearing install and graphics, the list is endless, lol.