Is this the right stuff guys


Is this the right stuff guys?

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  • ok good info guys thanks very much!

  • I believe the Rotella T is cheaper than the T6?

  • The t6 was 47$ and the the T came up to 33$ or somthin like that

  • Just gotta look into filters now. The dealer ship said the filters r cleanable?

  • Where'd you get it at? I just got my gallon at Walmart for 20 bucks.

  • Canadian tire lol. Ill check walmart next time. They are 5 liter jug. Not sure in gallons

  • This is where I get my filters. Heard a lot of good things about HiFlo ( M400-BIG-BEAR-400-HF-142-1993-1999-or-2001-2003-/3 21814215698?vxp=mtr). Or spend 70 bucks and never change your filter again ( artType=3&Bike_ID=2777)

  • A gallon of that runs $13 here where im at. For the white jug. Blue is about $22 a gallon. In all honesty any diesel oil is better than regular oil. They all share the same additives for the extreme pressures in diesel engines, which you need primarily for transmission gears, but the additives share the same characteristics in a clutch that wet clutch oil additives have, i came across a forum one night and an oil engineer was answering questions. It took a twelve pack of beer and a quarter to sit and read it all, but it was the most informative information ive found ever pertaining to oil and wet clutches

  • It's fine just put it in and call it good

  • In Oregon for the t6 it is $22 at o'rielly auto parts