It s alive

It's alive!!!!!

  • What needs tuned

  • Sounds like it needs bottom end work. Can't hear the exhaust over all the rattles

  • your carb its revin way to high

  • on whos bike

  • Dwight Giles bike

  • ooooo i know its not my bike lol i rebuilt that from bottom up

  • Sounds like crank bearings. Hard to tell on video. Could be about 50 different things lol. Atleast you know it runs

  • Could be kick start rattling, could be pipe rattling. Could be a rod bearing going. Could be a crank bearing going. Does not sound healthy! Check it out before anything bad happens bud.

  • Also could be piston slap, i would pull the cylinder off and check that out man.

  • Idle adjusting.

    Set float level, make sure that all jets are clean and fuel flows freely from the float bowl drain when the screw is cracked open.

    Start with air screw 1.5 turns out.

    Set idle screw so that it has some sort of idle. With TORS it is the big screw under seat on top of unit. With no TORS is is the brass screw midway down carb body. Warm up motor and then set idle screw for a faster idle, 2000rpm+ Adjust air screw either way to get the fastest idle. Adjust air screw a little at a time leaving 10 secs or until the motor responds. Re adjust idle screw for desired idle .

  • Yea you got some noise coming from the engine