It s time to replace the tires on my baby Anyone have any suggestions on tires...


It's time to replace the tires on my baby. Anyone have any suggestions on tires they like? I'm a fairly conservative rider. I rarely (if ever) ride the interstate, although I'm not opposed to using it to get somewhere faster. Generally, I ride all weekend long on the curviest roads we can find.

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  • Hi Marie Stacey! :) If look and (probably) durability are important for you, try the Metzeler ME 888. Got them on my Bolt since about 3k miles, grip and handling are very similar to the stock Bridgestones. I chose the white wall option ;)

  • Awesome. Thank you! I'm more concerned with mileage than performance. Looking for a decent touring tire. Your Bolt is a beauty!


  • Here's mine on a ferry. Such a fantastic weekend for riding here in middle Tennessee!

  • Thx! :) The Metzeler`s second name is "Marathon", these tires are typically for touring bikes/ cruisers. My stock tires lasted about 8k miles but i expect the ME 888 to last longer than that.

  • Denis Skozit - sorry this is unrelated to the post but saw your intake skullcap and was wondering where you got that? V&H only makes the one with their logo on it and I dont love it. Thanks!

  • I can't handle the standard tires, definitely want something grippier when I buy again. The bridgestones are "ok" when dry, but in the wet they suck badly. I have no confidence on them at all. Take a corner, open up a little and the tire spins out, not hectically but enough to unnerve you.

  • Michelin Commander 2s

  • Hi Doni Goodman, it`s a "Cobra Black Spoke Air Cleaner Kit", available e.g. at J&P Cycles: ;)

  • Shown to get the most mileage and best handling ^

  • thanks, looks great

  • Thanks so much!

  • Highly recommend Michelin Commander 2's!

  • +1 for the commander 2's. I'd also recommend getting the largest rear tire you can without modifying anything. I believe it's a 180/65. That's what I have on mine, it's a world of difference with the wider tire. Especially if you're going on curvy roads.

  • Avon Cobras