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  • Nice paint job!

  • Hey Stefan, are the Buell bars 22mm diameter to fit in the stock risers? Where did you get them from? Cheers.

  • Hi, this is the Buell CR1125 handlebar (Part ID: N0037-1AT). In the middle 28,5 mm. Left and right ends 22 mm. The bar fits perfect with the model 2005 riser. Found on EBay. More Informationen: &t=14569&hilit=1125

  • One of the most beautiful Bulldogs.

  • Pffff.........

  • Thanks

  • ?

  • Thanks for the info Stefan Pickert. I cannot register to the forum , as I get an error but will have a look as soon as I can. I have a 2003 Bulldog so the risers are 22mm. So, I will need to get risers as well if I buy the Buell bars, or get 22mm clubman and stock risers. Do you remember the distance between the two pointy bits (width)?

  • I like my bike, but your's and many other are mutch more beautiful

  • That's not Right. Every Dog has It's own Style. Because Pictures of your Dog at Google I buy my BT1100. (Sorry for my bad English)

  • Hi, yes you have to register. In 22mm you find good ones here: kerid=7&lang=de

  • The Buell bar is very small, that's why I added 2,5 cm "extentions"

  • I'm just kidding you. I love the style of my bike. But on each Bulldog meeting I saw better technical solutions, a lot of beautiful handcrafted parts and last but not least you're amazing paintworks Dominik. So enough fishing for compliments. See you 1st of October?

  • OK. Yes we see us 1st of October at MDR Meeting

  • I think I hijacked your post, so I will make a new post. But for now, please answer this cause I am confused: The 2nd gen Bulldog's (2005 etc) original risers are for 28.5 (1 1/8 inch) handlebars? And the original handlebars for these models are 28.5 diameter?

  • Yes, there was an change. The 2005 Modell had an Fat Bar like the LSL X-01. That's why the Buell bar fits with the riser of the 2005 modell.

  • Ok, now it makes sense! Thanks Stefan. So I need either new risers or adaptors on top of the original risers to go with fatbars. Or go with 22mm handlebars and get done. Hm, needs more investigation...