Its the most often asked question and apologies for doing it again but who s...


Its the most often asked question, and apologies for doing it again, but - who's your best insurance company to deal with ?

I saved all the answers from previous replies and of course, just when I need it, I can't find the bit of paper !!!!

I'm not keen to pay insurance AND a bloody brokers fee that doubles the premium like last year.

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  • Meerkat mate , get two for one cinema too ....

  • I was impressed with Devitt. They specialise in MC insurance and their price was one of the cheapest. They also had good reviews online.

  • Also worth a look at Topcashback, some insurers/brokers offer £50+ on taking out policies

  • I had a nightmare with Devitt also charge £50+ cancellation fees even when you've paid premium in full, won't go into details but they could have cost me a Court case. Similar experience with Bennetts possibly they have gotten too big to care

  • Motorcycle Direct have been good for me for several years

  • Lexham wanted £429 !!!!

    I Think I'm being to honest about the extras that are on the bike.......

  • I pay £120ish f/c. 43y/o with all the extras declared. I'm with Bikesure.

  • Im going there next :-)

  • Bikesure. Brilliant service from a trained operator who knows what the fuck he's talking about !!!!

    £198 f/c with all the add ons I wanted. No garage and 3 points undoubtedly put that up a bit but still better than everyone else, even with the £32 cancellation fee from those mce muppets added onto the premium.

    Thanks for your advice as always chaps :-)

  • I used a meerkat type thing to find Devitt were offering a decent price, then discovered they offered a Quidco cashback. £95 full comp, 6 points, with cashback (now paid) £75 :) They didn't take the piss too much when I added the BMW...

  • Swinton,for me!!!

  • Try Hastings Direct

  • Hastings ,screwed me over!bike hit my car ,he went wrong side of roundabout damage to my car was ,near side ! Police blamed the young L rider ,hastings put wrong papers to court ,from crap solicitor,and I got blamed,he also went to doctor 6 months after r t c & had a list of injuries for compensation! On the night it happened he was checked out by amblulance ,& rode off on his bike

  • No injuries

  • Tony Borzoni sorry to here this

  • i now have blackvue cctv on car