Ive lost my first gear and Im looking to replace my gearset in my 04 YZ250


Ive lost my first gear, and Im looking to replace my gearset in my 04 YZ250. I was told it has 450f gearset. Is that direct swap? Does anyone have a good one for sale, or is there a recommended upgrade?

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  • Yz400, yz426, wr400, wr426 transmissions fit but the 450f doesnt without some modification.

  • Thanks Adrian. Is it the case modified or the gearset for the 450f?

  • I cant exactly remember sorry. But i believe its the gearset

  • I have a good gear set

  • Up to 07 on the 450s.

  • Whatcha trying to get fer it Phil?

  • If you just bent a shift fork...they are yz250 shift forks.

    The swap is just 98-06 400/426/450 shafts and gears.

  • Pre 07 450 gearset will swap right over to my 04 YZ Jeff?

  • Thank you!

  • Ya. Confirmed quite a few times through thumpertalk.

  • Just finshed puttin wr 426 in my 02 yz250 , the cases where first is needs die grinding , other than that use all the 426 gears and the yz 250 drum and forks , watch out for the dogs on 5th , mine were slightly worn and it keep jumping out , other than that it's happy days

  • Good deal.

  • P.s i am talking about *WR* gearsets....to get a wider ratio tranny.

  • Im guessing that the benefit of running the 400/426/450 is for the wide ratio and not because its a stronger set up?

  • At work now

  • Correct. I dont have any info on whether theyre stronger.

  • Thanks again. I appreciate your help.