Ive recently brought an xvs1100 as much as I love the bike im concerend when...


Ive recently brought an xvs1100, as much as I love the bike, im concerend when pulling the throttle back, its as tho the clutch is slipping, and I have to back off the throttle then twist it again is this normal?

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  • Its a safety feature my 650 does the same

  • Barnett coil conversation sorted the problem with my 1100. A bit costly but lasts much longer and no slipping.

  • What's that then?

  • And make sure your oil doesn't include friction modifiers.

  • Yamaha cruisers have been plagued with clutch slip from day dot. Definitely not a safety feature lol.

    As above, change your clutch springs to a set of Heavy Duty Barnett springs. You can do it yourself in about 30 minutes. There is a few tutorials on youtube for it. The springs cost about $50 for the xvs650. Dont know what the sting is for the 1100

  • The shop I had it from did a service on it before I picked it up, so they should have put the correct oil in, but hey anything is possible

  • I had this issue after filling with fully synthetic oil. Drained and filled with semi and all was well