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Anyone who knows about putting lower fairings on a FJ1200? Found some and bought them. My plan is to get a bigger olicooler but where do I get one who fits? The lower fairings i bought here: http://www.skidmarx.co.uk/yamaha/30131-fj1200-88-9 0-3cv-fairing-lowers.html. Do you know them? How do they mount to the existing frame and so on. Sorry i am Danish so my English could be better :D

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  • I´m Spanish so we can understand ourselves in bad English ;) The lowers must fit in the OE lower cowl mountings and in the rear OE front cowl mountings

  • About the bigger rad: I don´t think you need it in Denmark, I know a lot of FJ living in Spain with no adverse effects but anyway: the cheaper option is fitting a 2nd hand XJR 1200/1300 oil cooler. If not, you could look for Earls coolers anyway or a more sofisticated and better built option is this http://www.rpmracingca.com/proddetail.asp?prod=M%2 FC%3AFJCoolerKit

  • Hvad farve skal du bruge Jørgen

  • Just bought a larger oil cooler from RPM. Will post some photos after some assembly. Bike is in pieces getting rebuilt

  • Looks beautiful, I wonder about the fit and finish though. Pictures lie sometimes.

  • Craig Ovadia, couldn't agree more. Seems like all aftermarket body work requires some tweeking.

  • Like the idea of a full lower let us know how you get on with it.

  • I will do that :D I am aware that it is not bolt on perhaps and I know that the colors are not Yamaha colors ( The company told me) But My Smurf Rocket are not standard colors so........