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Ya'll see this? I hope this piece of shit gets put away or taken off the road for good... besides how one might feel about guys on sports bikes or wreckless riders, that son of a BITCH hit them intentionally!

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  • I cant even imagine seeing that happen to my buddy in front of me. I would have lost it.

  • I know rgt, I woulda shut the Camara off first thought. Lol

  • We have all passed a slow roller on the road before and broke the law doing it a time or two. This guy should never drive again after he gets out of prison.

  • What a jerk. A lying jerk. I understand anger at some bikers actions. But not this particular biker at this moment. Sure he passed on double yellow but he wasn't flying or reckless. Old guy hasn't learned by now 2 wrongs don't make a right? Now his insurance will be sued at maximum and he quite possibly will be sued personally when the 2 riders don't accept the full insurance amount because it probably won't cover injury cost much less the other things.

  • Plus he may serve state time, which sucks a lot more than federal time.

  • Old guy is an asshole who deserves this and more! No excuse for deliberately trying to hurt someone. He's just now sorry he's screwed, notice the lawyers even shaved his face to make him seem less like a lunatic! Lol uugh!

  • This was on my local news and they said the car driver is looking at 20 years for each charge if convicted!

  • Yeah there is no excuse

  • Couldn't it be looked at as assault with a deadly weapon/attempted manslaughter charges?

  • It is

  • Peace of shit!

  • Ok I'll say it the cager is an asshole! But!!!

    He did not have a valid MC endorsement, passing in a No passing zone. If you don't have a fucking MC license ..... stay the fuck off the roads. This is not the track.

  • Crotch rocket no mc endorsement, which means his insurance is void. The real victim here is the passenger she will sue both of them and win.