Just a question guys How much KM s do you get of a tank of fuel im averaging...

Just a question guys, How much KM's do you get of a tank of fuel. im averaging 180kms max . I recently rode 57kms and toped up my tank with 5L of fuel. I have a 2 brothers full exhaust and thats it. Does it need a tune, hi flow air filter or a power comander? Please help!!!

  • Bullshit mines stock as a rock and it gets shit fe

  • yeah im tossing up between getting it tuned or going for a V star 650 not just for the fuel but for the comfort aswell FZ's arnt very good long distance.

  • Running rich if you're only getting 180km or you're throttle happy. I've had mine up to 250km on a tank once

  • 91 octane I get around 280 before the ftrip riding normal, riding hard I get less than 240. Bike is stock. Running 98 I get about 40 less per tank

  • I get the same amount of ks riding normally 180kms

    I have powercommander 5 but she needs a tune.

    U need a powercommander and a tune aswell!

    I have o2 sensor deleted too

  • How

  • what do you mean how Jack?

  • I'm in the same boat! In the market to get it tuned. Any recommendations for somewhere around Melbourne?

  • 230 before fuel light comes on, ran it up to 280km on one tank from syd to melb (all freeway)

  • I only use my bike for weekend mountain runs and I get 300ks to a tank easy

  • That must be a slow ride with a lot of short shifting, or maybe check how accurate your speedo is, i know mine is 8% out and have heard of others being more than 10% out, it's common with these bikes.

  • Really?????

  • Wouldn't have a clue about the speedo haha but yeah 300ks a tank no worries. Not really too worried about getting it checked out as I don't plan on keeping the bike long

  • Lol, i go with the theory that if i cared about fuel economy i would have bought a moped

  • 300? is your bike stock?

  • Yeah

  • I use to get around 200 before the f trip goes on and additional 50 on f trip.

    So the fuel consumption was between 6 and 6.5 (6.2 most of the times) l per 100 km.

    That was with two bros,pcv and k&n air filter.

  • I get between 210-260km depending on full throttle pulls. That's with 2 bros, block off plates, and juice box. Rider weight should also have a bearing which I don't see people listing. I'm only 150-160lbs and run the bike on 91 octane. I haven't noticed much difference running lower octane but I don't do that often enough to track properly.