Just begging to be ridden been sitting here for way too long

Just begging to be ridden, been sitting here for way too long.

  • You got rid of the yellow foreman?

  • My dad wanted something sportier so I traded it for a kfx700 for him. He loves it though.

  • How are those? Never really cared for the look of the front end

  • Kyle Goodrich give us a mod list of ur quad :D

  • They have some power, handle decent too

  • Suspension | Controls

    Frame: Works Connection guards

    A Arms: +2 ASR Pc Candy Blue by Capital

    Swingarm: Lonestar

    Steering Stem: Lonestar

    Stabilizer: None

    Axle: Durablue

    Carrier: Lonestar Dual Row Billet

    Locknut: Durablue

    Hubs F|R: Stock

    Bars: Fasst flexx

    Throttle/Clutch Lever: Outlaw quick adjust

    Grips: Pro taper

    Nerfs: Houser

    Pegs: Houser

    Bumper: PRM

    Grab Bar: Wide

    Front Shocks: Elka

    Rear Shock: Works

    Linkage: Custom raptor style

    Brake Pads: Oem

    Brake Lines: Braided

    Calipers: YFZ

    Rotors F|R: Stock

    Spindles: YFZ

    Rims F|R: Omf Beadlocks

    Tires F|R: Gbc xcmaster


    Plastic: Full set and cut set of fenders

    Graphics|Seat Cover: Deadlast/ Stock

    Number Backgrounds: Deadlast

    Handguards: Acerbis

    Bar Pad: Fasst

    Fuel Tank: Ims

    Skids plates: Plastic Engine skid/ DRW rotor guard

    Lighting: LED

    Engine|Drive System

    Cylinder Head: Stock

    Gaskets: Wiseco

    Piston: Wiseco 11-1

    Cam|Valves Springs: hc stage 1hd springs

    Bore & Stroke: 83.5 bore/stock

    Displacement: 352

    Carburetor: VM36

    Spark plug: NGK

    Stator: Stock

    Shifter: yz250

    Air Filter|Box: uni/ cfm

    Header|Silencer: Powerbomb/ Yoshimura

    Clutch|Plates|Springs: Driveline performance

    Gearing F|R: 13/ 39

    Chain: EK Gold

    CDI|Killswitch: Stock/ Alba

    Cooling: Perma/ DRW SPAL and shroud

  • Ya im going in about a hr mine been sitting 2

  • Waitin for lake to freeze throw my studded on n be bak out ridin again

  • Jose Carlos Yepiz Araujo