Just booked a 3 week motorbike holiday on New Zealand South island some of the...

Just booked a 3 week motorbike holiday on New Zealand South island.. some of the best roads in the world from what I've seen.. can't take my bike from Australia to New Zealand unfortunately... so I've hired .... A Tracer.. Roll on next February !!!

  • When I was out in NZ back in 97 I hired a jap import FZR 600 from a dealers in Wellington,had 3 days riding around that part of the north island-fantastic quiet roads,mainly well surfaced but watch for the sheep !!

    If you get to Queenstown,hire some off road bikes,your up in the mountains above town,higher than the cable car station so away from the tourists.

    You WILL love it mate,im insanely envious of you,look forward to the pictures !!

  • You lucky git ! Enjoy !

  • Who from? I have six weeks in OZ and NZ next year.

  • Queenstown on the list places to go Steve Pilgrim, now working out accommodation etc, have you seen the programme worlds greatest motorbike rides with Henry Cole, it looks amazing. Stephen Tyler I will put a link on to the company I am going with later, currently at work so I, ll get back to you

  • I did 3 weeks in Oz in february. Used Bike around Oz who used bikescape in sydney. Excellent tour. 5000km, victoria/Nsw. Shame about the speed limits in victoria though!

  • Sounds excellent Michael Bell, i assume it was hot enough for you !! After the New Zealand trip my plan is to travel from Adelaide to Melbourne and ferry over to Tasmania for a few weeks, thought that's further down the track but we have some wonderful roads out here made for bikes !!!

  • It was a great trip. Sydney, Bateman bay, jindabyne, bright, castlem a ine, halls gap, appollo bay, Melbourne, lakes entrance, can berry, katoomba. I was shocked how much it rained though. Think it was the wettest for years apparently. Got soaked a few times! Have heard tasmania is awesome!