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  • Yeah im about there too Steve Pilgrim found it really hard to begin with....but now i dont even notice it....maybe it getting wet a couple of times helped

  • Or maybe after 3 months off work im getting a lard arse Mr DAC ?!! :-)

  • Well only you can answer that one my friend!!! Haha

  • I've done some long rides and must say I agree (otherwise my seat would be on the bike and not being restored this week).

    The longest being around 308 miles in one day (though there was a 3 hour gap between journeys. My arse and balls defiantly died at around 100 miles but due to the good rider position I could still move my hips and legs without discomfort.

    The longest single trip with only a short break was 265 miles.

    The seat is soft enough he says while getting gel inserts put in) it's just the shape.

  • No problems at all since i had the gel put in ... still feels the same shape etc. but no numb bum woohoooooo

  • Well i dunno perhaps its because i have a young firm butt it doesnt seem to bother me!! takes the weight off if u put the front end in the air occasionally

  • I think us girls have obviously got a lot more natural padding than you chaps, coz after Yorkshire and Wales, still comfy enough for me LOL

  • Caron Kerr how do u find the seat height?? And how tall are you?

  • I am 5ft 6", my dealer lowered by 15mm, perfect now as bike settled too, almost flat foot either side so feel very secure/ stable David Alexander Curtis

  • Thats cool...yeah i dont think the bikes actually as tall as it looks. My feet flat on the floor