Just broke thos trying to get my carb off Plz help what is it is it important...


Just broke thos trying to get my carb off... Plz help what is it is it important can i run my bike this weekend with this broke?

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  • No.

  • It's tps but it's has dual purpose, 1: timing,2: along with your timing it controls your power jet.( solenoid controlled, jetted, extended full throttle circuit). You should be ok as I don't know many guys that ride a 250 wfo...

  • So, without it you wont get an ignition advance. This will most definitely NOT hurt the motor or cause any pinging but may tame power slightly. Also, the power jet is always on and actually turns off at high rpm leaning out the fuel:air mixture. This also will NOT hurt anything but may tame power slightly at wot.

  • Marshall, if the power jet is always on, then it would act like an enrichner.... I could be wrong but my factory Yamaha certs say it's a high rpm circuit

  • The power jet solenoid is a normally-open unit, it remains open until it is energized. When the ignition energizes it at the pre-determined rpm level (8500 rpm in your case), the solenoid closes to lean out the fuel mixture for better rev on top. This additional fuel at lower rpms has the effect of using a richer needle and main for better torque under a load at lower rpms, while acting like the main is leaner at high rpms.

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/380390-power-jet- how-does-this-work/

    There are many other sources that will confirm this is how it operates.

  • ;)

  • I think that I'm not communicating accurately today..

  • Since its been unplugged powerband is is 10xx quicker to kik on i think im getting quicker responce with it off?

  • I do alot more on and off the throttle now wit it off then it on

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