Just brought my new 2014 Bolt R Spec home yesterday All good except for when I...


Just brought my new 2014 Bolt R-Spec home yesterday! All good except for when I went to install the sissy bar I stripped out two bolts, and couldn't get the last bolt to thread in right (On where the sissy bar meets the side mounts) so now I have to figure out how to back out the other two bolts, re thread the sissy bar and get new bolts.. Kind of upset. Other than that I can't wait for winter to be over!

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  • Im guessing you use to have a harley lol

  • Its a proven fact concrete breaks down tyres when stored for long periods, best thing is to get them off the ground or park it on ply or simliar.

  • I know people with classic cars that store them put them on Jack stands. My bike when I had one got a flat spot over winter.

  • Harleys aren't actually American made but that's another story and yeah pretty much every stock component from Harley is garbage. It's made in china after all.

  • Yeah James Norwood, not happy about that but it's still an American bike never the less you know.

  • Ehhh I'd say it's the same as any other bike, far as it's SOLD in America lol. But American made? Not really...

  • If anything victory is way more American and more parts are made here. Vs HD I'm sure a good 80-90% of everything aftermarket and prob stock is Chinese crap

  • A simple Internet search will reveal that their high end CVO parts are in fact made in China. Joe Eason, the only thing on a Victory that's not American is the wiring harness that's Japanese but you know that son of a bitch is not going to fail the Japanese know how to make good stuff.

  • Well that proves my point even more. Thanks

  • A friend of mine has the highball. Awesome bike, comfortable as fuk, and a mean machine the only problem he had was one of the headers got a crack in it but he did buy used. We welded it back up and made some sick shorty sweepers. Sounded amazing lol