Just changed the stock intake to the V H and I LOVE it

Just changed the stock intake to the V&H and I LOVE it!!!!

  • what v&h intake is this? :-)

  • V&H Naked VO2 Air Intake

  • i thought so just never seen that cover plate before

  • Well actually you are right, all the black cover plates were on back order and we didn't want to wait so hubby fabricated one for me.

  • looks amazing :-) think it looks better

  • Thanks, I like it alot. All I want to do now is black out the little bit that's not black and I will be done.

  • easy enough with some high temp paint :-) i used vinyl leather with velcro for my upper forks

  • Yea it should be simple. Leather and velcro sounds simple enough. Thanks for the idea.

  • Looks great..Did you install a fuel commander or remap the ecu???

  • And it looks a lot better than stock

  • Yes the V&H fuelpak

  • I agree

  • Did u put a fuel controller on it?

  • Yes. It's a V&H fuelpak.

  • R u running a tuner

  • yes