Just completed another set of heel guards They are up for grabs 100 bucks...


Just completed another set of heel guards. They are up for grabs. 100 bucks plus shipping paypal is ready.

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  • Can also take orders on hand guards and headlight guards.

  • Possibly can make rear cooler racks too but they will be a little more pricey because the are a pain to make and have them be perfectly straight as its so many compound bends

  • Those r mine!!!

  • Well I got another set started too, getting burned out on fixing wheelers so I'm in fabricating mode. I'm gonna tray to get 4 or 5 sets of heel guards done and 7 to 10 sets of hand gaurds. I need to sell something to pay for truck parts I would rather sell parts I can make then sell a 3 wheeler. Lol. New fuel lines, straps, tank, sending unit and pump are not very cheap lol, but I need this truck running to haul my wheelers!!!!!!!!

  • Price on handle bar guards dude?

  • I could do handle bar guards for 60 plus shipping. But if you buy a set of heel guards and hand guards I'll do 1 40 for both

  • Gotcha