Just curious what a 2002 vmax with 4500 miles would sell for

Just curious what a 2002 vmax with 4500 miles would sell for

  • really depends on overall conditions, stock? modified? where you are on this planet... put some pics, location... and ebay is you friend.

  • It's one that I may possibly purchase. It just need cleaned up from sitting for so long. Completely stock and never been mistreated on the than the fact that it doesn't ever get ridden like it should

  • with 45K I would not buy it unless you can try the beast, mostly because of the second gear problems. I saw Vmax's in the US going for 2-3K... you might be lucky :)

  • It's not 45k. It's 4,500 miles

  • oups my mistake LOL

  • Kyle Clegg you find Vmax's all the time, any idea?

  • It will almost certainly need carb work from sitting, along with tires-perfectly clean, no obvious damage and good second gear would probably get $3500 in my area at this time of the year.

  • Depends on a lot of things condition,location etc but I am with Stanley probably around 3500 just a rough guess without knowing much about it.

  • Appreciate it. That's kinda what I was figuring. Thanks for the input.

  • Post some pics or the ad Craig Briscoe

  • OK, how about this one???

  • Whole bunch of accessories. Comfort, performance and appearance upgrades???

  • mine, in my profile pic, is a 2000 had 14000 miles paid 3600