Just got a call from my Yamaha dealer that the claim to replace the rusty rear...


Just got a call from my Yamaha dealer that the claim to replace the rusty rear shock + the cracked plastic bits under the seat has been accepted by Yamaha Netherlands. They'll write up the report and should then call me for the replacement installation :)

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  • By the way, my '16 XSR 900 already had the new rear shock model installed from factory.

  • Have official recall about rear shock on Tracer ? I waiting to go in Yhamaha BG about same broblem but they star to search the problem on me like your motorcycle garage is so wet, you wosh wrong... And stupid thinks like this just waiting 10 of September for check but want to know before if somebody know have or not have official recall about the problem

  • There's no official recall. I complained when I took it for the 1 year service and they checked with the importer, and confirmed that they replace the shock if it shows any rust

  • I also get a new one this Saturday by the Dutch Yamaha dealer.

  • For the past year I worked for Yamaha as a dealer in Poland and one thing you guys gotta know is that we had 0% of rejection in terms of warranty, seriously, they accept every single claim so my advice is to go for whatever you need

  • How do i get rust on my shock??

  • Plenty of reports on this group! Where have you been all this time? Oh right... :D

  • No, i want a rusty shock so i can get a new one but mine is still shiny!!

  • They still haven't got back to me regarding mine Michael, probably still under the counter in workshop reception, might be getting rusty there!

  • Im still waiting for a New shock.. My Dealer Told me the shock isnt available so soon But it will be replaced unter waranty in Austria..

  • Michael Bell throw some dirt on the lower rimms and claim warranty. You can even use the pictures form this group to email your dealer. Yamaha is accepting all older shocks that get reported. They do not actively pursue ALL owners. ( figures)

  • Think there is a bit of a back order Thomas. My dealer told me they batch them up and process monthly, mines been there longer than a month now.