Just got this through MD state inspection after two tries Any ideas for...

Just got this through MD state inspection after two tries. Any ideas for customization? Definetly going to take saddlebag brackets off.

  • Jim took the words outta my mouth

  • Man, I'd have so many suggestions but it really depends on what you want. There are bobbers, baggers, or just chrome it out. So many choices.

  • I'm thinking my next bike is going to be something like this. Going to make some changes but I like the classic look a lot

  • I would go with a batwing fairing and some hard mounted saddlebags,!!! I don't think I could ever bob mine out, I like being comfortable when I ride!!!

  • I got to take issue with that really. Ive had quite a few bobs and find them to be much more comfortable on my lower back then a standard seat. Just my opinion though, everyone has their own

  • If I was to bob my vstar out I would make sure I will have another bike to ride long distance. I ride with the CMA and I put a lot of miles on my bike. I just like the touring look personally, but like u said everyone has their own style and riding needs!!!,

  • Oh yeah, long rides would not be ideal. If your going distances youll want to bring some gear, probably lean back, and not get to mush wind whip. I live in Jacksonville Fl so Daytona, Miami, Saint Augustine are real close so i dont need to ride much. If you crossing states then no way. So ya, riding style is a factor

  • Well my bike got paid off awhile back, so hopefully when I pay off my truck in three more years, I am going to either get another bike, like a chopper or bobber or get a old rat rod or muscle car to fix up, or at least able to be driven!!!!

  • Lol, as a man i completely understand what you are saying.

  • Every bike is different. Just spend some quality time with her and she'll let ya know...