Just hit 3000 miles

Just hit 3000 miles...

  • Wer close i just hit 2500. I had my son this year so havnt been riding as much as usual. Last season i put 5500 miles on my old bike

  • This is my first motorcycle. Picked it up in June. I have a feeling I'll be racking up the miles once the fall hits and the cooler weather is here.

  • Oh yea your well on your way to a 5k+ season. Awsome brother. How u liken the bolt?

  • I love the bike. A lot of people told me to start with a 300 or 500 but I went with the Bolt so I could grow into it. I've had zero problems with it. I have no problem keeping up with guys on much bigger Harleys and I get nothing but compliments at bike nights.

  • I got the bolt r spec and I love it

  • That's what I have...stone Grey 2016 Bolt R-Spec

  • Same here man i had a few sport bikes before my bolt so it was a big adjustment but i like it much much better. Yea it dosnt go 170mph like my sport did but i dont need all that anyways. And for long rides it just so much better. And the reliability is great. Also the looks are awsome. But yea i ride with a buddy with a electraglide 88ci 1450cc and i keep up just fine with my bolt

  • I have the standard bolt raven black

  • Mines 2015 all black with the red graphics on the tank

  • I'm at 2200..

  • Heres my baby. All stock atm. Will be doing ivans flask. Full pipes. New intake. Maybe a few other things as well

  • Not far off 10 000 km wich is about 6200miles