Just looking at replacing the tires on my 79 IT 250 Can anyone suggest a good...


Just looking at replacing the tires on my 79 IT 250. Can anyone suggest a good road legal tyre. I have heard that the Conti TCK 80's are very good but are also bloody expensive. Possibly Michelin Cross AC10, Pirelli Scorpion Pro FIM Enduro or Maxxis Maxx Enduro look like reasonable price options.

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  • Steve, I really like Pirelli MT21's. Although they are very expensive they offer reasonable and predictable grip on damp and wet tarmac as well as being excellent on the trail. I urge you not to use AC10's. They are very good on the dirt but are lethal on damp tarmac especially on the front end. Avoid at all costs ! As for the other tyres you mention, they are way too dirt specific for my type of riding !

  • Cheers David, It has been such a long time since I have had to buy anything except road tyres. I have to do a bit more research ;)

  • My IT175D fitted with MT21's.

  • My IT200S fitted with MT21's.

  • IT175E fitted with MT21's......

  • Dunlop 606 on the rear, Pirelli MT21 on front