Just picked up my new bike yesterday didn t make it an hour before stripping...


Just picked up my new bike yesterday, didn't make it an hour before stripping the decals lol

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  • 300 miles in already, she's a real winner that's for sure

  • Looks like my bike :) FZ6R decals removed at 300km, TBR exhaust fitted at 350km and the rest of the mods around 1000km. Nice work mate!

  • What's a easy way to remove decals

  • Heatgun on low/medium heat. Rus the gun up and down the sticker till very warm. Grab a pin and flick up a corner of the sticker and peel off slowly while applying heat. Works a treat

  • I'll try thanks

  • Hair dryer will do the same thing.

    Temp should hot enough to touch. Just make sure you dont have a coat of clear over the top of the sticker. You can check if it has buy feeling if there is an "edge" or if it smooth. If you can feel and edge, then you are good to go

  • Thanks for the info I just got the 2013 fz6r.... Any ideas for more top end

  • Dunno about more top end unless you change the cogs. As for performance, a good set of pipes, filter, plugs and tune will do wonders!

  • Can u cut the cat off the stock headers and weld a new pipe and where can I find mods for the fz6r I have a hard time

  • If you wanted to yes.

    Plenty of mods about. Why not head over to the forums and check out the masses of info :)