Just saw on the org forum someone cracked their case on a 15 This is making...


Just saw on the .org forum someone cracked their case on a 15. This is making me nervous as hell.

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  • Yeah man. I don't like to rip people off, I have customers that bring stuff to me and always will because I save them a lot of money. I have a full time job and make good money so i don't need to get over on people. I went to school for motorcycles and I've been doing it for almost 10 years, my career is in,aviation now so I really just do the 4wheeler type stuff for fun. Plus it helps me out and pays for my toys (not completely, but it helps)

  • Same way where i work i have the 3 largest landscape pest control businesses in tge county and ive got them bringing work from 2.5 hours away for me to do

  • Cam Morrow is the kinda guy I want in my group of buds.......I'd drink a beer with him anytime!

  • Man I have a guy that rides his rhino and 3 Honda 650s once a year. He does a dove shoot once a year and used the atvs for his customers to ride. He drops them off on a big ass trailer and says call me when your done. I call him, tell him what it costs, he says thanks dude, I owe ya one, and writes me a check. Every year I put batteries in them and clean the carbs. No questions asked.

  • Haha thanks man. I'll drink a beer that's for sure. Well it goes for anybody or anything too, if anybody needs anything I'm more than happy to lend a hand. I will and can build performance motors too, port and polishing, big bores, cams, stroker motors, whatever. I've built a few 780 grizzlies that were monsters and I didn't really get to play with them like I wanted.

  • I'm not trying to take any business from jbs or compete. I know he's doing some cam work and stuff now so I want to steer clear of his market.

  • Hey man I've been working on helicopters for a decade now lol

  • I work on c130s. I wish I did work on choppers, my grandfather was a huey pilot in Vietnam.

  • Planes are way easier man I've done some sesna's and crop hoppers don't wish that evil on yourself lol

  • Haha, I just thought it would be cool to work on them.

  • It is man lol

  • What state do you live in Cam?

  • Good ol Georgia.

  • Driving distance for me im in Panama city

  • Go out 300 to i75 from Panama city and go up to middle Georgia. 3-4 he's from Panama city I think

  • Have they figured out what the case cracking is from I have a 14 model

  • Bolts coming loose i bet the extra mount will help from vibrations