Just saw this on the corner of mercer waverly in NYC. Anyone here


Just saw this on the corner of mercer & waverly in NYC. Anyone here?

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  • Oh man they make a world of difference. x2 on the triumph. BLING!!!!!

  • Lol aside from the obvious, I haven't been cut off even once since putting in the HIDs lol. Used to happen minimum once a week before.

  • It's been getting darker out, season change and all, and when I leave in the AM, it's completely dark. I never did a lot of night riding before, but I light up the sky for sure.

  • I still have to do the headlight.. Definitely getting dark in the AM and soon it'll be dark when I leave work!

  • Chris that's what I want to. I'm 6'1

  • Went from 6r to triple here a while back, amazing bike! Much thinner though is the first thing you'll notice. The second thing will be the weight. Third, the throttle will seem like a deathtrap!

  • I just can't wait to blip the throttle and lift her off the ground. That and the suspension. Which one did u get?

  • I got the '13 R.... However, yesterday I stumble across an article starting the that an RX model is due soon. I'm extremely interested as to what it will have over the R.

  • Nice...... Very nice....... Hell maybe the street triple will drop ion price then. lol