Just thought i d give you a quick review of my first 12 days of Tracer...


Just thought i'd give you a quick review of my first 12 days of Tracer ownership.. Up to first service already, managed to tackle a range of riding on it, weather here not good heading into winter, plenty of rain. longest single trip 150 kms two up with luggage for an overnight stay at the Barossa Valley outside Adelaide through the twisties and long straights. Bike is still standard issue, though that will change when the finance department (Wife) lets me loose. Riding it, i can't really fault it, it is magnificient, can live with the wind noise and going to extend the mirrors as they are only good for seeing my arms, apart from that, its Magic. Now cannot wait til the service is done so as i can unleash its full potential. If any of you potential Tracer owners are reading this, What are you waiting for !! Amazing Bike for the price. One very Happy Camper !!

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  • I read your post to my wife who is an Austrailian citizen and she pissed herself when you said "twisties"

  • Hope this keeps her happy!!!

  • Possibility along with the rabbit in the background :-)

    Risqué I know.

  • Stephen, these rabbits seem to be multiplying