• Just wanted to share this 2016 AR240 we just finished up

    Just wanted to share this 2016 AR240 we just finished up!

    • Nice, you must have a lot of $ invested in that system?

    • It's a clients

    • How is it that you make the rear pad light from the bottom in white.

      That looks awesome.

    • You talking about this?

    • ??

    • That's a secret... It's just a reflection. It does look pretty cool, I'll have to look at the boat in the morning before it leaves to see if it's possible.

    • Lee Bunn that would be a nice feature.

      Maybe lay down a thin layer of plexiglass. Cut slits. Lay strips in middle.

    • What is that head unit?

    • Polk Audio, it comes equipped with it.

    • Got the model by chance? I've been looking to upgrade mine...

    • It works through the Yamaha connext touch screen. If your wanting to upgrade I would highly recommend the link below. It has a built in dual zone feature. For example you can control the volume of the interior and tower speakers independently.

      http://www.rockfordfosgate.com /products/details/pmx-5

    • Lee I appreciate it!

    • What's a job like that cost not counting components? I'm in South Florida and this kind of work always makes me shake my head at the quoted prices

    • James Wolf yes, any audio question don't hesitate to ask.

    • Stephen Dudley just installation?

    • Yeah, I had all of the towers and speakers, and amp already purchased so I was getting quoted for just installation material and labor. Was close to a thousand for amp, charger, and speakers. I laughed and did it myself but it's tough work when you don't have everything you need

    • This setup was just under $2k just labor

    • That doesn't include any wiring or accessories

    • Oh wow. Maybe it wasn't that far off then. Mine setup was less than half of this

    • Stephen Dudley doesn't seem like a bad price. But if you know how to do it and have the time it's a fun project.

    • Lee Bunn haha it was fun when it was finished! I had bruises on every single part of my body from crawling all over the damn place