Just wondering has anyone on here from Australia setup there yz to run a...


Just wondering has anyone on here from Australia setup there yz to run a headlight? If so. What's involved and where can I get the parts??

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  • Stealty or whatever they're called do a stator plate with a little 30 W lighting coil on it that replaces the stock one. I've actually got an 04 YZ250WR that was set up by Yamaha Australia with a lighting coil and a flywheel with magnets in it stuck on the outside of the normal flywheel. You could hit up Yamaha to see if they have a parts listing for that becaue it was officially part of their range and they did have a supplemental parts list for it but I don't like your chances. I think it was a Ducati lighting coil set fitted into a custom milled piece of alloy and sandwiched under the mag cover with a longer steel shifter bent to go round it. Here's a pic of mine.

  • The link's for the lighting coil.

  • Cheers Geoff. Thanks for taking the time to help out..

  • Wow Geoff mate! :D

  • Yeah, we should really be talking about this on the parts page. Wasn't thinking.

  • No. This is fine here, as long as we don't show dollars and cents like some of the previous post just recently ;)

  • No worreis Kiko. Sometimes I also just don't realise what page I'm actually on.

  • Honestly I'm truly great full for the help and I hope to be as helpful for other follow yz riders.

  • Haha Ross, I thought I'd seen your name before. Your from Lismore or somewhere close. I only live halfway between Csino and Kyogle. If it helps you at all you're welcome to drop in and have a look how mine's actually done if it helps you at all. Or even come out for a ride once I recover from my Chemo a bit and build my strength back up.