Just wondering I see that most of you guys on here are from up north My...


Just wondering.... I see that most of you guys on here are from up north. My question is, which are there more of? Yamaha, Honda, kawi or other brand three wheelers up there? Here in West Monroe La, I have come across 3 Yamaha 225dx, 2 225dr, 1 kawi 185, 1 commuter, and countless of all makes of Honda. Never have I seen a polaris 250. Hondas are a dime a dozen here (Although the most reliable). A Yamaha 225dx in crap shape but runs will get you 500-800 and a ex-mint 225dr will get 2k+.... Just wondering if it would be worth a trip with my 33ft gooseneck....

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  • I've never seen a suzuki

  • Not many made.. goffy looking things

  • A few Yamaha's here in Michigan. Kawasaki's few and far between and go for BIG bucks. Hondas are plentiful here as well.

  • Where I live there is only two other Yamaha riders I've seen a ytm 175 and a tri z all the rest is 200s, x, and 350 x

  • And 185 lol

  • Do you guys think its simply number of honda sales back in the day or does it show the durability and reliability of the hondas? I think both.... Im sure hondas out sold everyone 2-3 to 1.

  • To be honest I don't think it's their reliability. I've never had good luck with Hondas. I've had 2 that were both in really good condition and they both left me stranded a couple miles from the cabin. My yamaha treats me right lol

  • I've pulled hondas out the woods, put gas in them and go. Maybe you had bad luck. I have a 250 big red that I dround out about 5 times a year. Still running... Smokes like a freight train... I actually ran it out of oil one time and poured PBR in the block. It made it another 3 miles to the camp...

  • Yammys are tanks. Its the age old batter of quality to quantity. My 225 frame is beefier than my 350x frame. That scares me lol

  • Yamaha builds good shit everyone thinks Hondas best bc they made a shit ton but in all honesty yamaha shit has way less problems. Clutch is the major down side of the yamahas tho. If the would have put a manual clutch lever I would have been stoked