• KeelGuard is on sale at Overtons plus there is a 15 off promo code SPRING

    KeelGuard is on sale at Overtons, plus there is a 15% off promo code SPRING. Just paid $119.93 for 7'. Promo ends tonight at 11:59

    • 7' ar 192?

    • Tks I had to pay tax in MI but still a good deal

    • Anyone have any recommendations for a shoot through fish finder for an sx190 at a decent price?

    • 7' should be good for up to a 20' boat according to what I read. If that is what you are asking.

    • Is the primary purpose of this to be able to beach your boat?

    • Casey Seieroe

    • Yes

    • They help prevent keel damage if you hit semi-sunken debris too. Good investment!

    • Thanks! I picked one up. I've been waiting forever to see a sale on these.

    • I did 8' on our 190 and it protects everything from the bow roller down. I suppose you could lower the front or not go as far back... I just wanted the protection if I was doing it.

    • You want GPS or no?

    • Promo is still good! Just picked one up.