Keenen Stangl shared a link to the group: Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke Parts & Items.


Well ladies & germs, here she is... Time to act like a semi-responsible person & try to get some funds for school expenses. Any questions (read the CL ad first, haha), just ask. Price is OBO & the bike is in Bozeman, Montana, for at least the next month. I'm happy to assist with shipping but I know nothing about it.

Tell ya friends, tell ya mom! haha.

CR 500. If you're reading then you already know what it is. Grunt like a tractor, idles like a big block chevy, screams like an undead demon. This particular model is a 1990 (engine no.5802269)... so

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  • Bump! good luck nice bike wish I was closer

  • Jennifer Stewart

  • Thanks man!

  • Aarron Watrous

  • Craig Dally joins forces with Scott and make a rm500

  • Sold!