L G I have hung up my FZ6R gloves and moved on to something 3 times the size

L&G, I have hung up my FZ6R gloves and moved on to something 3 times the size.

It has been a pleasure reading people posts, commenting and seeing everyone come together as we all share the love of the FZ6R.

My bike was sold (who may be joining here soon) so I wish you all the very best with your riding and mods to a very capable bike.

John, It has been a pleasure to help out.

Remember, never out ride your angel and keep the rubber side down!

Cheers and beers to you all!

  • should I get it?

  • U getting the rear seat plastic???

  • I want it! But I'm also trying to negotiate on a smith machine right now. My hobbies are too damn expensive!

  • Keep in mind if u get it that putting something on it can be sketchy.... it looks nice tho.

  • I'd splurge on the bike......

  • yeah I wouldn't load it up if I switched the seat out. I'm getting all new lights (integrated smoked tail light, flush mounts on front, and the HID kit) so I think I'll wait on this 'til Spring probably. I have to have the smith machine. Otherwise, I'm gonna find myself at the local Planet Fitness eeeeeeek!

  • When I loaded stuff up, I put the standard seat back on. Mind you, some of the original bit cross over onto the new one so if you are going to load up often, get a spare bracket.

    Just buy a big backpack and carry it ;)

  • Take care all!

  • good luck! Come back if you can't find a new group for your new bike or they just plain suck!

  • Hid kit, awesome investment.