• Larry Lueders shared a link to the group: Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350.

    Looking to possibly buy this just wondering if there was any opinions out there or be anybody's bought one please let me know thank you

    • So what you're saying is that you bought the new carburetor and tried to rejet it and it didn't work

    • Yes. I jetted it twice and had a shop jet it adjust the needle clean it and all and it would not work with or actually without my fmf also. I heard they are great carbs for most people but just didn't work out in my case

    • I have one, it's great.

    • Have you tried to rejet it Justin Dupuis

    • No I haven't, I have an FMF power bomb, an FMF exhaust and KN intake. At completely wide open I get a small pop. Most days I never hear it or anything.

    • Bolted it on an ran with it. I originally planned on rejetting it when I got it a month ago but I wanted to get a feel for it. So far it's not worth rejetting it.

    • I have a stage 3 DG xccelerator full exhaust and a uni air filter

    • Well got 50/50. Did you read the reviews on eBay by chance?

    • Like I said I might have gotten a bad carb I'm not knocking on em just had a bad experience myself lol. I got it to run good eventually by removing pretty much the air box from my quad and it still popped in higher rpms even when I jetted all the way to 155 main. Yet I throw the pipe on my other one and it would run the fmf no issues at all with a 144 main

    • They aren't bad if your running stock but you can't jet em