Last of the TZR bits from my garage can bring to Brands on the 12th of April or...


Last of the TZR bits from my garage - can bring to Brands on the 12th of April or post out the smaller items:

4” rear wheel - Not YPM legal, powder coated black, wavy disc, high spec bearings, cush drive rubbers: £150.00

Clutch perch and lever - R1, Pazzo lever - black and red: £50.00

Michelin Power One - 110/70/17, nearly new: £50.00

Barrels - Pair, circa-58.8mm, for re-sleeve or big bore project: £25.00

Gearbox - Box of parts, both shafts and selector forks/drums x 3: £25.00

Rear brake line - Braded, blue: £20.00

Reed blocks x 4: £20.00

Swinging arm - Eye/eye spec, tatty black paint: £15.00

Throttle and cables - Standard: £15.00

Throttle and switchgear - Standard: £15.00

Various seals and clips - For engine, wheels and swinging arm etc: £15.00

Water pump seal - New: £15.00

Clutch case internal parts - Gears, filter, oil pipes, washers, screws, actuator, water pump impellor etc: £10.00

Crankcase Bolts - And other engine bolts/studs, various: £10.00

Front pads x 5 - Used, but good: £10.00

Front wheel bearings x 2 - New: £10.00

Hangers x 3 - Standard: £10.00

Master cylinder - Front: £10.00

Pegs etc - With brake and gear levers, standard: £10.00

PV cable housing: £10.00

PV end cap: £10.00

PV motor: £10.00

PV motor/bracket/cables: £10.00

Reed block spacers x 3: £10.00

Stator x 2: £10.00 each

Water pump cover - Vapour blasted and painted black, as new: £10.00

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  • What's the best day to come up and have a mooch around and meet up??

  • I'll be there Thursday night after work 'til Sunday AM when I'm bailing outto head for the BS B meeting at Thruxton. Saturday is probably best - qualifying, two races, presentations, beer drinking - the complete experience!!!

  • Stators and crankcase bolts now sold.....

  • Second 4" rear rim now sold.......

  • Box of carb parts available now too - two bodies, plus various floats, slides, needles, emulsion tubes, float bowls and other useful bits and bobs: £40.00.

  • Have you still got the barrels?

  • Yep Andy Wheeler, barrels still available - will brng 'em to Brands and you can have a look at 'em if you're interested......

  • Many thanks.

  • Zebra discount available..............

  • Pads sold.........