Learned something about our bikes today on my full licence assessment the...

Learned something about our bikes today on my full licence assessment... the indicated speed is way out!

I knew they weren't that accurate at high speed but surprised to learn that 50 km/h = 56 km/h indicated and 100 km/h = 107 km/h indicated. My bike is totally stock so no funny stuff going on like different sized tyres or aftermarket sprockets etc. Just thought I would share... oh and here's a pic because why not :-)

  • BTW they are easy to install. Hardest part is working out exact speed (GPS) versus displayed speed. I set mine for 2km/h over actual speed for a touch of fudge factor

  • 17T front sprocket fixes this problem.

  • I noticed too but I never really felt it was a problem! Pretty much all speedometers are inaccurate, will I really bother fixing each one? Meh

  • My advice, save the $$ and put it toward something else.

  • Really kinda stupid IMO. When I first started riding, I was getting run over. Gee wiz I wonder why. I'm very hesitant to fix it for various reasons. I know a sprocket change will get it close, but it affects acceleration. So I just figure for every 35 MPH, I subtract 4 MPH.

  • Yeah, it's good to know now that 110 kph indicated is probably still legal :-)

  • Before I did a GPS test on my speedo I did a run to try crack the 200k mark, was very happy when I hit 202, then found out that my speedo is 8% out :(

  • Haha, I've seen 200 on my speedo once and I was happy enough with that even though I knew it wasn't TRUELY 200. Still felt pretty quick :-)

  • 220km/h displayed, 207 gps. Still quick enough for an all rounder to lose your licence ;)

  • I also have 94 yzf600r and that hit 200 much easier than the fz6r, I was pushing the fz to hit 200 but the yz had plenty more in it but I was coming up to a hill where I know cops sit on the other side so I backed off.