Look what turned up on my desk today Only ordered them on Thursday 3 working...


Look what turned up on my desk today. Only ordered them on Thursday, 3 working days from Korea.

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  • I can't turn my dip beam off anyway it's on as soon as you turn the ignition on

  • Kev the instructions on the website says the relay is a freebie with the kit

  • I believe that was only with the version1 and there was limited supply which ran out ebfore they had sold all the v1s

  • John Dixon the pic would be taken with just the ignition turned on, the headlight will always come on when engine starts.

  • There is only a whisker version silver or black ?

    I have a race blue ; )

  • oh I'll have to check that Mark, I never noticed cheers

  • Touring or sports, i`ve ordered the touring ... hopefully here in the next few days

  • I look forward to your review Mark. I bought the Powerbronze flip screen but not getting on with it. Gone back to the standard screen with the small Puig clip on screen. It's a touch quieter but I can feel the wind being directed onto my arm and chest now.

  • You're right Mark but it stays on after you turn the engine off with the kill switch.

  • How do we get hold of the indicator relay? I really want to wire mine in but no relay came in the box!!