Looking at a 16 Viking SE at my local dealer will sell me for 14 500 otd

Looking at a '16 Viking SE at my local dealer will sell me for 14,500 otd. That about right or should I shop around?

  • I'd drive for 2k...

  • Well that 12,499 is without sales tax. But with our 7% sales tax it's 13,375$. I was generous with my 13,900 offer I think. Hell fuel is cheap lol

  • I paid 13k for my 16 a couple weeks ago. That was with a wet sounds stealth6.

  • SE model?

  • No, sorry. That was a base green. But the 16 does have the sound dampening kit, bed mat and Sun top, which I was told was like 500 more this year than last.

  • I can actually just about tell you what a dealer has in a base model, it's about 11,500. So you can figure 12-12250 for an se, (3 seater by the way) plus whatever fees they're going to charge. I would think 12,600 plus tax might get you an out the door price.

  • Well I showed them an ad for 12,499 at another dealer, they said oh we can match that just add this fee, that fee, this other fee, then taxes and tada.. We're right back at that 14500 they originally said.

  • Lol. Yeah, it's hard to get off them fees. I got them to wipe most of them out.

  • I'm gonna call two small dealers I know of today. They'll usually work with you and just be happy to make a sell.

  • Yeah, you could also see if they'll let you buy it without being built, you just gotta put the top and cage on... Not too hard