Looking at setups of the weller temp gauge set up Anyone have this And what...

Looking at setups of the weller temp gauge set up. Anyone have this? And what do I need to order to have everything to do it? Really don't like not seeing my temp. Thanks

  • I just installed mine last week. Seems to work good. You will need the gauge and the thermostat housing kit

    I also did the oil pressure gauge too

  • so the 85 dollar thermostat housing from weller racing and a guage and i will hav everything i need? thanks for the info

  • Alan Mugerdichian yup

  • Where do you tap the thermostat housing to?

  • Right there.

  • Very easy to install

  • Thanks guys I will get this ordered today

  • They are at King Of The Hammers

    I don't think anyone is in the office this week

  • Richard Coe good to know! I guess I will wait till Monday lol

  • Awesome thank you

  • What's the other connection for? I know I've heard, but can't remember for the life of me.

  • Grant Tilley one connector is the factory water sensor the other is for the new gauge

  • I'm wanting to do this too. I think I'll get the 3 gauge cluster, the thermostat housing, and the oil filter adapter. Then I can have a water temp gauge, oil pressure, and not sure what the 3rd gauge would be.

  • Third could be trans temp. The gauges are set up by you for a number of different functions

  • Oh ok. So you can have a gauge and a warning light. Gotcha.

  • Good point about the trans temp. I guess I need to be checking into how to make that work too. Thanks man!

  • How much is this

  • Jason Weller

  • There's a new beveled mount plate that angles gauges up slightly to make it easier to see.

  • I would highly recommend doing the entire T-stat replacement parts from Weller along with the sensor. Easy swap just messy, the hose stuck to my plastic housing and when it broke loose splashed coolant everywhere, in my ear, down my neck, was glorious. I'm running oil pressure as well using filter adapter plate. Quite easy to do as well. 3rd gauge is Autometer Voltage, needed it in a pinch to finish up for CES. Unsure if I'll keep that one.

  • Can you on me a parts list? For the coolent temp

  • Thanks