Looking for a 77 78 DT 250 flywheel and stator points plate


Looking for a 77/78 DT 250 flywheel/and stator/points plate.


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  • Believe I got all that

  • I'll take the points cam too.

    Could you take a few pictures?

  • You got the same for 74, 75?

  • I don't think so. I got a complete bike to build out of that era bike

  • I've got the stator for a 72 dt250 if it's the same?

  • 77/78 were electronic ignition. No points

  • No dt 250 is breaker points o n the 78

  • The 78 250 even has a vented stator cover vs the 400 did not aswell

  • Different pretty sure...

  • Yep

  • all this needs is a side case and kick start i want 200$ for it but ill do 150 plus shipping

  • Weird why the 78 dt250 and 125 got points but the 78 dt175 has CDI

  • All dt 250s were points. All 400s were cdi. No matter the year.