• Looking for dx parts I need a front axle An ignition switch choke cable...

    Looking for dx parts. I need a front axle. An ignition switch, choke cable, handlebars that are factory and still straight, head light shroud blue or black, tail light, let me know what you got I'm putting three different 225 s together and I need parts!

    • Thanks Chris Samuelson

    • I have the u joint yokes but no u joint but u can get one off eBay for less then $20 That's the only thing I don't have. Do u have the rubber boot that goes between the motor and rear end tube. If not eBay had new ones.

    • Hi I have the rubber boot m8 can you send me a picture of the parts you have got and can you send me one of the part what I will need to get thanks again for your help

    • Is That's the rubber boot you are on about on the end m8?

    • Yes that's it. I'll have to get pics tonight been at work for a hour already. Another long day argg.

    • OK thanks mate

    • Hi have you got the drive shaft bits yet Chris Samuelson? Thanks

    • I have all except the u joint. I have been just to busy to find out the shipping part.

    • Thanks Chris Samuelson can you see how much shipping will cost and how much will you see that shaft with out the ujoint thanks again