Looking for help. I have a 2001 warrior that I m having a couple issues with


Looking for help.. I have a 2001 warrior that I'm having a couple issues with.. I have intermittent spark and when I do have it it is very weak.. I have ohmed the stator and pick up coil and they are within spec. I also took the coil off my 2002 warrior and still no change.. any ideas? Not sure what direction to go..

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  • i have a 2001 also and i tested my full system today. getting volatage and ohms from everything. but no way to test my cdi. im pretty sure its my cdi or my regulator. but ima go with cdi first. it had same issues as yours then no spark at all. so i my self feel i need a cdi

  • These electrical issues are hard to find short of spending a lot of money replacing everything or playing the one part at a time game

  • bull crap. use a multi meter for ohms and voltage. i just tested my system. took me 10 mins. tested stator. good. tested my coil. and my electrical. i had no problems lol.

    everything tested 100% fine on my bike. anyone has troubles testing electrical systems. contact me. i am mecp certified.

    thats mobile electronic certification program.

  • my cdi has no way to test it. so ima go with the common problem of fried cdi box.

  • to test for bad broken wires. ya need to find 1 end. and then the other end. use a meter to test continuity. do that for each of the wires that are for spark system.

  • a coil should test over 30k ohms. anything lower then 10 15k ohms is prob a bad coil. if it is around 30k its got some life left. but who knows how long. it takes 50k ohms to have correct proper clean spark. in all coils.

  • Main fuse ! That happened to mine!

  • i checked my fuse :) sadly its good lol.

  • I will go through and try to test everything... not quite sure what I'm doing but I have a manual so that should help me

  • Ya try the 02 on his 01 there 2 different plug types its 87-88, 89 own yr,90-95, 96 own yr,97-01,02-04. U need yrs 97-01. 02-04 wont work