Looking for new wheels for my 96 and can t seem to find any complete wheels...


Looking for new wheels for my 96 and can't seem to find any complete wheels only rims and spoke kits. 99+ has options from eBay and other actual Motorsports sites. What changed and can the swap be made? Pic from the legendary Redbud MX.

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  • Idk if this helps but I have 03 forks on my 96 and the 96 axel wheel and spacers all fit just fine so I don't see why newer wheels wouldn't fit might just need axel and spacers for newer wheels

  • Any info helps lol. Was the fork swap easy?

  • Yep my forks were shot didn't feel like dropping 800$ on SSS so I found a set of 2003 forks in mint condition tripples and all for 150$ shipped only other piece I had to buy was front break caliper because caliper mounts we're different

  • Are they the same forks?

  • They are the same size forks but I think they are a little different you could slide them in your stock tripples if you want to but supposably the 98+ tripples are supposed to have a little better ergonomics

  • I want to go sss but I don't want to spend the money and have them fight an outdated shock. Any other shocks swap in?

  • Like rear shock??

  • Ya

  • Yea idk I was just gonna have my stock one rebuilt and valved etc I don't see why it wouldn't fit someone else should be able to chime in on that though and if you go SSS try to get the whole front assembly wheel and all they way you don't need a new wheel

  • I have Tusk wheels on mine. Been solid for 2 years now. Redbuuuuuuud!!