Looking for some assistance ended up riding on a flat last night nail in tire I...


Looking for some assistance ended up riding on a flat last night nail in tire I plugged the hole but tube still has a hole from the nail is there any quick and easy fix or do I need to replace tire and tube and how hard is it to take off the back tire and do so

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  • You will hear a ton of different opinions here but, here is mine... 1- plugging a tubed tire does nothing for you. the air is held in by the tube not the tire. 2- What I would do... Tubes are fairly inexpensive compared to being stranded so if I get a flat they become a pool float. Tires on the other hand I will reuse depending on tread and age. I would remove the tire and grind down any wires that are showing. if none are showing I would get a good patch and place it on the inside of the tire. I do this to prevent any sharp edges from cutting my new tube... pt it back together and on my way. Some people will patch tubes and do so with no problems.. that is up to you.

  • Brand new tires on it to

  • I'll get new tube

  • Scruggs and Flatt!.............................could not resist. Hope it is an easy and quick fix for you. BTW, I had a nail in a fairly new rear tire one set of tires ago. Just did new tube.....it was a tiny nail and did no patch on the tire. Lasted another 6K.

  • Replace it don't patch it or plug it....Replace It!!!!!

  • We replace the tube at the minimum. What you have to do is find the hole and make sure that no external debris is still in it. We also use a plug/patch that is inserted from the inside the tire and pulled through. Before we do that we rough up the tire and apply vulcanizing compound. When it's pulled through the patch will be vulcanized to the inside. Exterior plug is cut off even. The reason for this is to make sure the tire is also repaired and will not pull apart. Safety - safety.

  • A tube is like 10-20.00 why patch it

  • That's it hell yea doin it tomorrow then just need to make sure I can get it done

  • We do not patch tubes. New or none.

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